Your heart attack has a great impact on your family. Your family members were frightened when you had the heart attack and while you were in the intensive care unit. Compounding this is a feeling of helplessness as they watched the doctors treating you, not knowing what would happen.

Later, family members experience several different sorts of emotions. They feel the same sort of emotions you may be yourself experiencing. They may even feel resentment about the timing of your heart attack and your excessive demands on them. Your irritability may make them irritable. Try to understand that these reactions in family members are normal. They are not really blaming you, even though it may feel that way sometimes.

Another common feeling amongst family members is guilt. They may feel that they are somehow responsible for doing something that caused you to have a heart attack. These feelings may be especially acute in your wife and teenage children. Talk to them about these feelings. Explain that even though heart attacks occur suddenly, the underlying disease that caused it has taken years to develop.

If there are any fears or resentment in the family, it's healthier to bring them out into the open. Don't let these feelings simmer, they are destructive. If you feel counselling would help you and your family deal with these problems better, feel free to ask your cardiologist for advice.


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